In 2016 TCW Solutions merged with Replica Solutions, a print management company that specialises in the retail & entertainment industries, with a particular focus on dummy display solutions.

TCW Solutions & Replica Solutions combine to provide a 360 degree service which encompasses:

  • development of display & POS solutions

  • creative dummy display products

  • graphic design & artwork management

  • print production & finishing

  • collation tailored to ensure each store gets exactly what they need

  • packing process designed to make in-store implementation as easy as possible

  • direct to store deliveries

  • single point of contact for stores needing replacement POS

Replica Solutions works with its client base to combine their production requirements into larger consolidated runs, achieving economies of scale which are shared amongst everyone.


One of the ways that our clients benefit from our service is knowing they can make strategic commercial decisions in their Monday trading reviews, then have professionally produced POS to support the campaign arrive in-store in a matter of days.
We work with our retail clients to create pre-defined POS packs and campaign templates, so when we receive the brief on a Monday afternoon, campaign artwork is produced and approved before the close of business.
This extremely quick turnaround allows our customers to implement commercial decisions much faster than their competitors.


The wide range of print and finishing processes available enables Replica to provide a vast array of retail POS, covering everything from advertising materials to store consumables.
The process is managed end-to-end, encompassing the artwork design,  production and fulfilment, through to storing the items ready for stores to call off as they ​are required, saving valuable distribution centre space.


We are the leading supplier of dummy products in the Entertainment industry and supply market leading UK retailers with their store packs every week.
Dummy products are an effective way to manage stock investment in line with sales potential and to protect high risk products against shrinkage.
We work closely with suppliers to ensure the solution developed looks as close to the real product as possible.


Our 3D design capabilities enable us to model our clients' display units with alternative artworks mapped to the construct, enabling different concepts to be trialled.
Animations allow the unit to be viewed from all angles, ensuring everyone is happy with the proposed design before any budget is invested in production.


Following on from the 3D design process, our material engineers then develop the most appropriate method of construction for the display unit.
​FSDUs, CDUs & display towers can be distributed flat-packed with detailed step by step assembly instructions,
pre-assembled or fully merchandised.