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Make It Personal
TCW's Personalised Communications Capabilities

Programming & Development

Programming & Development

Our team provide a variety of data driven services, which are further supported in production at our high speed digital site in Dartford.

The security of our clients’ data is extremely important to us, that’s why we have invested in a secure infrastructure and hold ISO27001 Information Security accreditation, demonstrating that our business has systems in place to protect our clients’ information and data at all times. 


Our variable data software integrates directly with industry standard Adobe Creative Suite applications, enabling us to take our clients’ InDesign documents and produce highly personalised bespoke solutions, specific to our clients’ needs.

Whilst other companies may provide personalisation services, they will often be limited to making text fields & 2D barcodes updated from a data source, at TCW we take things to the next level by making every element of the document, whether print or online, react dynamically to the data provided.

What sets us apart


- a long track record of delivering large, complex projects through

  personalised communication

- bespoke solutions to our clients’ specific needs

- a flexible and scalable platform and approach, with global reach

- a unique combination of ideas, skills and expertise.

Data Security


- personalised communications

- direct marketing

- automated data processing

- mass email projects

- cross media campaigns

- mass SMS messaging

- web-to-print portal development

- graphic design

- financial statements

- door-drop campaigns

- data-driven codes & barcodes

- personalised registration webpages

Programming Analytics
Programming Services
Variable Data Print

What Is Variable Data Print?

Variable Data Print, or Personalisation in its most basic form is much like a mail merge in Word where many elements are static, and other elements are linked to a database and change dynamically from one record to another.

Typical uses of this are names and addresses in personalised mailshot communications.

Our programming team provide a much-enhanced service where elements within a design (text, images, colour schemes, charts, layouts), can be programmed to change dynamically based on the data in the database.

This enables highly personalised and targeted communications to be produced, such as 'abandoned basket', that remind online shoppers of products they have yet to confirm purchase on - supported by pictures of the products and perhaps tailored discounts to entice them back to the site. 

These communications can be printed and posted or programmed into the body of an email or PDF.

The more data that is available within a list of recipients, the more tailored the resulting communication can be.

Variable Data Print

Variable Data Print Examples

Please click on the gallery item to view the variable data print examples at full screen size

Personalisation Via Secure Email & Data Analytics

As we are living in the age of a paperless society, the question of whether to print or not is being raised more and more frequently.

At TCW we believe it is important to offer the solutions that our clients need for their personalised communications.

A paperless alternative is to issue the communication via email, where the document is available to download from our secure web server as a password-protected PDF. This is done by clicking on a secure URL that contains a Global Unique Identifier (GUID).

Accessing the document via a secure URL means that the file size is not limited in the way that email attachments are, it also means that we can track which recipients have accessed and viewed their document(s).

Once the mass emails have been sent, our software enables us to provide a suite of data analytics to our clients detailing who has received the email, who has opened it, who has clicked to download their document(s), if any emails have failed or if anyone has opted to unsubscribe from receiving further communications.


Below is an example of top-line post-email performance. Recipient-level analytics are also available.

TCW Data Analytics
Secure Email
Cross Media

Cross Media Campaigns

Cross Media Campaigns are activities which span a combination of print, email, web & SMS.

The most basic example of a cross media campaign would be a mass email project, where personalised communications are sent to many recipients at once - usually with a trackable action as part of the email body, such as clicking on a link to a webpage or clicking on a link to download or open an accompanying PDF document.

Any clicked link within a campaign, be it from an email or webpage, can be tracked and that data then used to provide a suite of analytical reports - an extremely valuable tool in understanding the success of the overall campaign as well as the individual elements within it.

The thumbnail below shows a typical comprehensive cross media campaign.


The client was a PPE wholesaler whose objective was to send an introductory offer to thousands of doctors and veterinary practices across the UK, where the recipients had to register their details including email addresses and opt in to receiving marketing messaging going forward.

1 - A personalised postcard is printed, including a unique QR code.

2 - The QR code is scanned and takes the recipient to a personalised registration webpage.

3 - Upon completing registration, the recipient is taken to a personalised “Thank you” page, and an email confirming registration is triggered.

4 - The email also contains a unique discount code, as well as a link to the online shop.

5 - A PDF catalogue of products is also attached to the email.

TCW Cross Media Campaign

Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image

Web-To-Print Portal Development

We offer the design & hosting of web-to-print portals, which support both static & variable data print products.

The portals are designed so that their skins are in line with our clients' branding, matching colour schemes, logos and imagery.

Variable data can be applied via a number of methods for example, text field input, csv or xls upload, or direct upload to our secure SQL server.

Portals can be set up in B2B & B2C configurations.

Payments can be dealt with via offline invoicing, debit / credit card clearing or PayPal. 

Variable unit pricing by quantity break can be set at product or product group level, making price updating a quick and easy process.

The portal process flow from the user's perspective is that of an online shopping experience, making it a very quick, easy & intuitive process to follow.


Medium resolution image proofs can be generated for review & approval before adding the item.

For variable data print documents, elements can be set at the design stage to be editable via the portal interface, so text fields, colour swatch pallets & images can all be updated and selected via the customisation section of the portal.

Please visit the Custom A4 Sign  for a taste of some basic customisation options as described above, this also demonstrates the cost price break calculations on the following stage.


A link to the site home page can be found under the thumbnail below.

TCW Web To Print Portal
Web2Print Portals
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